Political Consulting: Issues

Referenda are often the only way communities can fulfill needs that benefit everyone: homeowners, businesses, our children and students, the disabled, and senior citizens. The Nolan Group helps citizens groups build needed consensus among voters to overcome the controversy and divided opinion that can be triggered by a referendum initiative.

At The Nolan Group, we’ve helped cities, counties and school systems raise more than $15 billion to improve roads, heighten public safety, make schools safer, and preserve lands. We’ve also helped communities abate taxes, build jails, restrict building heights, win approval for coal plants, and bolster downtown development.

Our success rate in referendum initiatives is an astounding 85 percent.

Referendum Locations

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“On behalf of the school district, we would like to thank you for your dedication and contribution to ensure the triumphant passage of the March 14, 2006 referendum. …We are immeasurable grateful for your leadership and partnership in this community-wide effort. We hope you will continue to collaborate with us as we continue to provide students of Sarasota County with excellence in education.”

– Carol Todd, Pd.D, School Board Chair and Gary Norris, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools

View samples of our work on behalf of referendum campaigns:

  • 2012 Pensacola Tax Abatement Referendum
  • 2012 Penny for Pasco
  • 2010 Sarasota School Tax
  • 2007 Sarasota County Sales Tax Extension  
  • 2007 Camden County , Georgia  Economic Development Issue
  • 2007 Charlotte County  Sales Tax for Schools
  • 2007 St. Lucie County Trauma Center
  • 2007 Escambia County Indigent Care Tax
  • 2006 Jacksonville Cecil Commerce Center
  • 2006 Pensacola Waterfront Park Campaign
  • 2006 Sarasota School Tax
  • 2006 Escambia Infrastructure Sales Tax 
  • 2004 Jacksonville Beach Building Height Restriction Campaign
  • 2004 Polk Health Care Tax
  • 2004 Lake Conservation Tax
  • 2004 Marion County School Tax
  • 2004  Villages Hospital Tax
  • 2003 Brevard County Infrastructure Sales Tax
  • 2003 Lake County Impact Fee Initiative
    “The guidance provided by you helped us shape our strategies and aided in the development of a cohesive effort throughout the county. Not only was our message clear and frequently spoken, your expertise helped us build a most effective campaign.”

    – Debra Jacobs
    Chairman, PennyWise Committee, Inc.

  • 2003 Polk County Sales Tax for Schools
  • 2002 Polk County Charter  (Superintendent)
  • 2002 School Tax  – Manatee County
  • 2002 School Tax  – Sarasota County
  • 2001 Collier County  Road Tax
  • 2001 Lake County Sales Tax Extension
  • 1999 Public Works Improvements Package -Sarasota County Commission
  • 1999 Osceola County Sales Tax Extension
  • 1997 Sarasota County Sales Tax Extension
  • 1994 Manatee County Sales Tax  for Schools
  • 1994 Sarasota County Ad Valorem School Tax Waiver
  • 1994 Sarasota County Commission At-Large 
  • 1990 Manatee County  Children’s Services  Tax
  • 1988 Manatee County  Public Safety Tax

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