Some Things Never Change…


Original zinc printing plate.


Today, The Nolan Group is best known for its sophisticated use of polling and technology to help citizens pass referenda, and political candidates win elections.

But the heart of this company has always been personalized service to clients and attention to detail. And that “heart” has been pumping, in some shape or form, for 65 years!

When The Nolan Group first grew its roots in Tulsa, Okla., back in 1946, zinc and copper printing plates and paintbrushes  for photo retouching were the main tools of advertising. The company was originally named Brandenburg Advertising, founded by the grandfather of Tom Nolan and Meredith Torkelson, Nolan Group owners.

“Giving accounts the attention they deserved” was the inspiration for the company, recalls Frances Cardinale, who took over Brandenburg Advertising from her father in 1973. Frances stayed with the company when it evolved into The Nolan Group here in Bradenton in 1986. Today, at the age of 83, she still works side by side with her two children and granddaughter Andrea Torkelson, the technology wiz of The Nolan Group.

Frances says her father would be “absolutely amazed” at how advertising and communications are conducted today, with software programs and digital printing presses and speedy turnarounds. He might also be amazed at how The Nolan Group has excelled in its chosen niche of politics for the past 14 years — a niche in which the company has excelled immeasurably and beyond southwest Florida.

Now, The Nolan Group is honoring its early success by reviving its outreach to commercial clients.

The process has changed. The tools are different. The company’s focus is evolving. But one thing remains constant for The Nolan Group:  the quality of its service. Personal attention, emphasis on details, and making sure every client knows it is valued. These are what define The Nolan Group – in 1946, 1986 and today.


Printing plates and electrotypes.

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